prinoth new bison 621


With a state-of-the-art cockpit design, Caterpillar’s cleanest stage V engine, and a brand new look, BISON is both the most powerful and comfortable snow groomer in its class.

Clean and powerful
Low fuel consumption, low emissions and more powerful than ever. The 422 HP, in-line 6 Caterpillar engine boasts an impressive maximum torque of 1900 Nm at an optimal 1400 RPM, meaning power is delivered from the get go. The aftertreatment system decreases exhaust emissions making it the cleanest engine of its class used in snow groomers. With low maintenance and operating costs, the Caterpillar engine is the perfect choice for a demanding snow groomer such as the BISON.

Comfortable and practical
The increased leg room of the cockpit and the all-new control unit with upgrades to the joystick and a large12” touchscreen display make for an unrivalled driving experience. The joystick has been optimised to make handling straight-forward. Incorporated, is a joystick-in-joystick feature that enables operation of the blade using only the thumb. This provides simultaneous movement of all blade functions, enabling perfect slopes and the construction of challenging park elements. Moreover, the entire joystick can be adjusted to fit exactly the operator’s preferred position, making long hours of operation comfortable and strain free.
The 12” touchscreen display allows for quicker access to the most important features. With a single touch operators can switch between options—whether it’s adjusting the lights, using the rear camera or checking the position of the tiller the new display has it covered.

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Control and Stability

The AUTOMATIC winch supports the BISON in traction and stability. Due to the optimal position of the winch pivot point the BISON maintains a stable driving direction when pulling sideways. Additionally, the impressive pulling force of 4.5 tonnes can be controlled either manually or automatically, enabling operators of all skill levels to use the winch as efficiently as possible At the same time, the ECO mode can be enabled to save energy by reducing the pulling force. And, for easy and intuitive winching, the operator can choose between giving more power to the winch or to the operation speed of the vehicle. Fitting perfectly to the operator’s preference.

Build the world’s best parks. Features both in and out make BISON X the snow groomer of choice for parks big and small. For the best all round visibility, the operator’s seat is centred in the middle of the cockpit. For increased visibility, the electric sliding-seat function enables the operator to move the seat to the left of the machine. Additionally, the range of movement of the blade and tiller, the custom-designed park blade with side cutters, and the inclinometer enable perfect preparation of park elements in the tightest spots.